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Reboot Your Food Thinking for the Holidays

Focused Wellness Solutions, in Green Valley, Arizona, knows that it is really difficult to say no to longtime favorite foods during the holidays. Each time we indulge, signals go to the pleasure center of our brain, making it more and more difficult to refrain. It’s all about choices, and that includes not gaining an extra 10 pounds. Instead, make the effort to reboot thoughts about food with relaxing hypnosis. Weight-loss CDs are now available, too.

Focused Wellness Solutions is based on the belief that clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. They offer health coaching to develop realistic goals using individual strengths, exploring obstacles and outlining a plan to achieve those goals. Health coaching is best done over the phone, where it is convenient, flexible and private. Hypnotherapy services are available for women in the privacy of their own home.

For more information, call Rosemary King at 520-400-3456, email [email protected] or visit

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