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MotionXTraining Provides Total Body Fitness for 2014

Dec 26, 2013 03:33PM ● By Alexandra Geter

TRX training uses suspensiontraining concepts to provide a total body workout that is fit to accomplish health and wellness goals for 2014 and is safe for ages 9 to 99. Unlike traditional weight training, this system focuses on functional training, which emphasizes muscles working together in a free range of motion to prepare the body to perform in real-life contexts. Sitting and lying down already comprise a large portion of the average American’s daily activities. Rather than sitting down at a bench to train and isolating individual muscles, most TRX movement exercises require the participant to stand.

Jon Bialas, the owner of Motion- XTraining and a local TRX-certified instructor, describes the benefits of the standing movements, “All of the exercises incorporate your core so that you are working your core muscles the entire time, regardless of the muscle group you are focusing on.” This total body training allows participants to achieve personal goals that fit the movements required in their daily lives.

Used in sports team coaching, personal training, and the military, TRX can be personally designed to match each how each group needs their bodies to perform. With more than 300 types of movement exercises, Bialas designs workouts for each class depending on the goals and levels of his students. TRX Training requires a TRX Suspension Training device, which includes two straps with rubber handles and a neoprene loop that can be hooked to a beam, tree or door. Bialas also offers TRX Rip training, which emphasizes strength in rotational movement through the use of elastic resistance. It’s portability and easy assembly allows TRX exercises to be performed wherever space permits. The give within the two handles requires participants to engage muscles in multiple muscle groups and gain rotational strength in their practice.

Bialas explains, “When you sit down at a machine, you are working in a single plane of motion, but in TRX, you are working in all planes of motion, which forces you to use stabilizing muscles that are needed in everyday life.”

TRX is a safe activity for children, teens and older adults, as well as during the majority of pregnancy and for those rehabilitating from injuries. This is because resistance is determined from body weight and angle of movement, rather than added weights on traditional machines. TRX can supplement physical therapy exercises by incorporating exercises that develop strength, power and speed of movement for any level. TRX training can also prevent injuries by reducing the occurrence of muscular imbalances that result from isolating particular muscles in traditional weight training.

Bialas offers private and partner sessions outdoors, in his home gym and in clients’ own homes for privacy and convenience. He also teaches group fitness classes four times a week at MyGym and provides all TRX Training devices for each session.

Location: group fitness classes are taught in MyGym, at 7942 N. Oracle Rd. For more information, call 520-812-6475 or visit

Alexandra Geter is a public health and English student at the University of Arizona.

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