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A Fresh Look at New Year’s Resolutions

Only about 12 percent of people experience long-term success with their New Year’s goals. We set grand intentions at the start of the new year, but when those fall through, declare the whole process a failure.

Instead of the usual all-or-nothing approach, how about simplifying the process? A doable first step is simply to observe yourself. Look at your everyday behaviors and claim the willingness to make small changes as you notice them. Spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation and journaling can be very helpful.

Observing your life can be very instructive. How do you use the hours in your day? How do you spend your money? If unhealthy behaviors such as smoking or overeating are present, what “need” are you are trying to satisfy? Our lives are the result of the many choices we make, day after day, month after month and year after year.

Keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Each moment is another moment to choose transformation. We are surrounded by opportunities to reinforce our highest and best possible actions. Consider these possibilities:

C: Cooperate. Remain willing.

H: Heed the guidance within yourself. Be receptive to the presence of Spirit.

A: Allow what is no longer useful to fall away.

N: Non-resistance. What we resist, persists.

G: Grace is always available. Be open to It.

E: Enough. Right here and right now, you are enough. Be gentle with yourself.

Nita Strauss is the reverend of Unity Spiritual Center of Peace, located at 1551 S. Eastside Loop. For more information, call 520-546-3696 or visit

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