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Feel Good Finally with the Genesis Right Detox

Life can be an exciting adventure. It all starts with that first positive step. Even before that first step, we must say “yes” to the thought of making that first move. The theme of the Body and Sol Women’s Expo to be held from March 7 to 9 is, “Begin with Yes!” This powerful approach to life will be explored by nationally acclaimed author and speaker Paul Boynton as he discusses his new book and challenges us to re-examine our personal approach to living life to the fullest.

Pam Stewart, co-founder of Genesis, says, “This theme resonates with the heartfelt philosophy of Genesis Natural Medicine Center. Dr. Michael Uzick and I began our journey with “yes” as we walked toward the goal of creating a premier naturopathic health care center more than two years ago. Today we stand amazed at the power of that first step and what it has meant to us and our patients.”

So what does “yes” mean? “At Genesis it, means refusing to accept setbacks, fear-based boundaries or negativity as the foundation for moving forward with our patients,” says Stewart. “We persevere. Our commitment is to the well-being of our patient, one step at a time. Each doctor and practitioner at Genesis was drawn to this health center because of a same personal belief we all share; every patient deserves the best care.”

Genesis Natural Medicine Center just introduced The Genesis Right Detox, the first step to saying “yes” to moving away from the standard american diet with each mindful decision regarding better food choices. The Genesis Right Detox intentionally focuses on nutrition to demonstrate how foods and food quality, impact our physical and emotional wellbeing. Our belief is that food indeed is medicine. The time to feel better is now.

At Genesis Natural Medicine center, doctors understand the important relationship between detoxification and the mind, body and spirit. Their understanding and awareness is reflected in the principles of naturopathic medicine. Benedict Lust, the founder of naturopathy, put it best when he said, “In a word, naturopathy stands for the reconciling, harmonizing and unifying of nature, humanity and God. Fundamentally therapeutic because men need healing; elementally educational because men need teaching; ultimately inspirational because men need empowering, it encompasses the realm of human progress and destiny.”

The Genesis Right Detox makes it simple to cleanse your mind, body and soul in 28 days. This is more than the typical detox. The Detox will determine specifically which foods are making you sick. This is a fundamental technique in naturopathic medicine for successfully restoring health.

Doctors at Genesis Natural Medicine Center can also address areas that may promote a greater degree of detoxification that include urine toxic metal testing, bio-electrical impedance analysis, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, the use of the far infra-red sauna and colon hydrotherapy. There is also a free weekly support group meetings that is both educational and inspirational.

Stewart says, “You will be able to pick up the entire protocol from Genesis Natural Medicine, bring it home and begin! This detox is so gentle you will still be able to work, and yet it is so powerful you will experience dramatic changes in your health.”

The Genesis Right Detox will be available at the Body and Sol Sneak Peak event on from 7 to 9 p.m., January 9, hosted at Genesis Natural Medicine Center. Enjoy delicious, healthy treats and refreshments, live music, artist reception, innovative, health-promoting news and tips.

Come learn the details of The Detox. Genesis doctors and practitioners will have the outlined program and detox packages ready to pick up the entire protocol, bring it home and begin. an amazing 28-day journey.

RSVP to Pam Stewart at 520-495-4400 by January 5. [email protected].