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AAH! Acupuncture Now Open at Perfit Pilates

Lea Siebert

Lea Siebert, a certified consulting hypnotist, acupuncturist, nationally certified diplomate in Oriental medicine and Reiki master, has opened a new integrative holistic health clinic, AHH! Acupuncture, Herbology & Hypnosis, inside Perfit Pilates Studio, 6761 East Tanque Verde Suite 5, in northeast Tucson.

Siebert is available for private sessions and group and corporate presentations, offering group hypnosis for a variety of topics, including stress reduction, improved confidence, creative collaboration, and specific health topics.

With more than a decade in natural health after a career as a teacher, Siebert offers confident, gentle, empathetic, customized and effectively combined services that include acupuncture, Chinese herbal and food medicine, tuina (Chinese medical massage), Zen shiatsu (gentle Japanese acupressure and stretches), reflexology, Kaufman’s Pain Neutralization Technique, qigong, and hypnosis. Other integrated therapies include hypno-puncture, acu-sage and Reiki- Ho’oponopono with bodywork and/or acupuncture.

Siebert will make a Stress-Less sampler presentation at 3:30 p.m., February 1, at Dolly Quinn Salonspa. Reservations are required.

Cost is $15. Event location: 6823 N. Camino Principal. For more information, call 520-686-4999 or visit   

Coming in June
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