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Dr. Pam Believes in the Power of “Yes”

Pam McMahon, Ph.D.

Pam McMahon, Ph.D., has been healing and helping people align to their true selves for more than 18 years and is committed to assisting clients achieve health, wellness and spiritual well-being. In her quiet foothills setting, she offers ear candling, infrared sauna detox, ionic detox footbath, reflexology, Reiki, hypnotherapy, herbal and nutritional counseling, shamanic healing and journeys. She creates wellness plans together with her clients and is committed to helping clients achieve health, wellness and spiritual well-being.

Dr. Pam, as she is called by her clients, believes in the principals of Paul Boynton and has applied his powerful message of “Begin with Yes” in her own life and agrees that what we do affects what we think after experiencing a serious health crisis herself. Often, when we are in a state of ill health, we get caught in a downhill spiral of negative actions, and this can directly affect how we think. This affects in turn how our body responds to healing.

McMahon assists clients in taking positive action toward better health one step at a time, and with this approach, the healing process can begin manageably. She has found over the nearly two decades of aiding people from all walks of life that when one simple change takes place, such as cutting down on sugar, doing a two-day detox or beginning a cardio program, it is often the catalyst needed to change our outlook on life and health and therefore, allows the mind to catch up to the body easily and effortlessly.

Contact her at 520-730-0236 or

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