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Dr. Rupley to Address Key Elements of Health at Expo

Dr. David Rupley, of the Coyote Healing Center, believes “Begin with Yes” is an effective and enlightened entrance to vibrant health. He looks forward to meeting everyone at the Body and Sol Expo to find out how they might work together to achieve their goals.

Rupley trained as a psychiatrist in conventional medicine and has watched as the healthcare system has, as he puts it, “squeezed patient-physician time from three or four evaluation visits to 15-minute med checks. The focus has shifted to isolating a singular cause for any illness—be it infectious, metabolic or structural—at the cost of ignoring the whole person.”

He thinks that this tired approach does not work, because it misses the underlying common cause of chronic illness and disease, which is inflammation. He states, “Playing Whack-A-Mole with cholesterol, stents or blood sugar pills is often dangerously ineffective for most of the population. Additionally, traditional medicine largely disregards the impact of stress and trauma on the human body.”

At the Body and Sol Women’s Expo, Rupley will address the keys to optimal health that are not controlled by a doctor or the healthcare system, begin with developing a thorough understanding of our individual health challenges and goals. The goal is personalized strategies that give us a range of options for success.

Location: 3127 E. 2nd St. For more information, call 520-722-9787, email [email protected] or visit

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