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Natural Awakenings Tucson

The Healing Touch in Our Community

Every day for 25 years, people have come to a Bio-Touch Center to receive the healing touch. The efficacy of Bio-Touch has been proven in research by scientist Dr. Gary Schwartz and others to enhance healing, relieve pain and stress and support relaxation. Nurses and massage therapists regularly take the practitioner training to expand their professional offerings and earn continuing education hours. Bio-Touch is an easy-to-learn healing touch. Learning the technique and volunteering at the Center is beneficial for everyone in the community, including the recipients.

Bio-Touch practitioners and Dr. Rhonda Sturgeon, of Transcendent Chiropractic, will be at the Body and Sol Women’s Expo offering touch and education sessions. The “love thy neighbor” philosophy of Bio-Touch aligns with the Expo theme of “Begin with Yes”, because Bio-Touch requires no belief or spiritual position.

The practitioner training of learning touch points and technique includes developing awareness of self and expressing the awareness in service to others; of saying “Yes!” to the world. Training in the complementary modality is offered six to eight times annually at the Center and online. A yearlong intern program includes the training and volunteering to staff the Center.

Stewardship of the programs is the principle the volunteer staff and practitioners follow. A community of supporters contributes personal and monetary support through the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics.

The Tucson Bio-Touch Center is located at 5634 E. Pima St. For more information, call 520-323-7951, email [email protected] or visit