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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Practice and Experience ZY Qigong with Grandmaster Mingtang Xu

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu will conduct three powerful events in Tucson from June 6 through 13, including a five-day Shaolin-style intensive retreat, a two-day level III ZY Qigong intensive, rarely taught in the U.S., and a one-day personal student session.

Organizer Mark Frighetti says, “Mingtang is one of the world’s foremost qigong teachers. He guides you to discover what life really is. Through your own experience and by helping you develop your practice. His guidance and meditations open and advance your being to a higher level.”

Qigong, is a powerful system of healing and energy work, originating more than 7,000 years ago in China. It is the art and science of using energy, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cultivate, activate and work with life energy, or qi.

Location: Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, 14301 E. Speedway. For more information, call 520-404-8745, email [email protected] or visit