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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Learn to Know Yourself

Diana Ohodnicki

Rev. Diana Ohodnicki, co-pastor of United Fellowship Chapel, states one of their main principles, “Knowing yourself is the key to unlocking your infinite potential.” She explains that knowing yourself involves opening up to intuition, the unspoken intelligence of the heart and soul. In the United Fellowship Self-Realization class, students are given the tools to look within, know themselves, and apply these tools to their daily lives.

One of the goals of United Fellowship Chapel is to provide a broad curriculum that allows people to maximize their potential. Covering topics that include Natural Law, Cause and Effect, Breathing, Prosperity, and the Twelve Mind Powers allows individuals to explore their abilities and ignite the wisdom within themselves.

Location: 4718 E. Hawthorne St. For more information, call 520-327-0142, email [email protected] or visit