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Women’s Class on Dealing with Shame

Linda Focht, MA, LPC, LMT

Linda K Focht, MA, LPC, LMT, at Rivers Way Psychotherapy, is offering Connections Shame Resilience classes for women. The next 12-week curriculum begins June 4. Morning and evening class options are available.

For women’s wellness, learning to recognize and develop resilience to shame can be life-changing. The curriculum is based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown, as seen on Oprah and Ted Talks. Because shame is the most debilitating of all the emotions and can stop us in our tracks toward self-fulfillment, happiness and success, shame resilience can open the way to authenticity, love and belonging and a resilient spirit.

Enhanced shame resilience benefits greatly from focused study and personal exploration. Working in a group format enables participants to learn and explore together and in a natural way to practice the different steps that lead to true shame resilience.

Location: 2292 W. Magee, Ste. 130. Call 520-369-4017 to register prior to the start date. For more information, visit