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Govinda’s Natural Foods Installing Aquaponics System

One of the largest aquaponics (aquaculture and hydroponics) gardens in Tucson is set to open June 15 at Govinda’s Natural Foods, providing hand-picked, organic vegetables to Govinda’s Restaurant. This sustainable, regenerative system uses one-tenth the water of traditional gardening and will serve as example for the community. Tours and workshops are planned.

Aquaculture alone involves the killing of fish and the water must be changed periodically. With hydroponics, inputs (nutrients) must be added to the water that is filtered through the grow beds. Aquaponics eliminates these problems by using fish waste (nitrate) to nourish the plants in the grow beds, which cleans the water in the process.

Location: 711 East Blacklidge Dr. For more information, call 520-204-5051 or visit

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