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Natural Awakenings Tucson

We All Can Learn to Sense Energy

Learning to sense energy is a valuable skill for those working holistically and is something that has become increasingly easier. Science tells us that everything is an energy system and has consciousness. The frequencies in our Earth and within us have been rising, dramatically over the past couple of years. What used to be supernatural is now commonplace and normal.

There is higher level energy available to help us, both from without and within, but it takes being able to accurately sense energy to use it constructively, and that is our work, to become more sensitive and to reconnect with the power of our higher selves. At the same time the pulse rate of the Earth is increasing, the magnetic field of the Earth is weakening—the good news is it is easier to release and raise our frequencies. Greg Braden, a quantum physicist, states, “We don’t have to go anywhere. We are living in a global initiation chamber. The Earth herself is preparing us for the next stage of evolution.”


Judy Ferrig, MS, is a Reiki master teacher at Open Pathways. Contact her at 520-245-4214 or [email protected].