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Find Your Past-Life History Through Hypnosis

Nov 03, 2014 01:48AM

Tina Kelly

Certified Hypnotherapist Tina Kelly RN, CHt, provides a means to deepen individuals’ awareness to move beyond current issues and enhance their current spirituality. Kelly has completed 300 hours of training in clinical hypnosis and is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She studied past-life regression under Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute, and has received continuing education credits through the Weiss Institute.

Kelly states, “Millions of people on Earth believe they have lived before this life. Through hypnosis and past-life regression, I’ve regressed people to the ancient pyramids, simple markets, wars, castles, cathedrals, space, ancient cities, simple lives on the Great Plains, the Titanic and so much more. It’s through remembering and re-experiencing previous memories, often from previous lifetimes, that healing occurs.”

An awareness of drowning in a previous incarnation can bring about relief from a fear of water, difficulty swallowing, asthma and choking. “You may recognize someone you shared a fun and exciting life with, or a difficult one, and are then able to understand the emotion you feel for that person in this lifetime,” says Kelly. “While these lessons can be learned in one lifetime, they are difficult, and often we move through multiple lifetimes until we restore the balance and harmony that is our true nature.”


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