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Experience Sacred and Joyous Ling Guang Calligraphy

Nov 03, 2014 02:09AM ● By Diana Gold Holland

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha with pupils

It is said that in calligraphy, the stroke offers clues to one’s personality, talents and even mood, vitality, or state of health, somewhat like graphology purports to do in the West. For many practitioners, calligraphy is much more—it is an advanced spiritual practice requiring deep concentration, balanced emotions and a deep connection with heaven to ensure that the most beautiful message and energy will flow through the characters.


Thus, in its highest expression, calligraphy produces so much more than pretty pictures for the wall. It is an ancient practice than can be applied in other areas of modern life, such as healing. This holds true both for the viewer and for the practitioner. The more aligned is the writer in soul, heart, mind and body, and the higher the frequency of the writer, the higher the frequency of the technique and the more powerful the healing reflected in the stroke. 

Likewise, the more “at one” is the recipient, the better the message of the image is received. One of the key exponents of the cursive, or flowing, style of Chinese calligraphy is Professor Lee Qiu Yun, a woman scholar of great distinction who now resides in Toronto and is more than 100 years old. Born and growing up in the Forbidden City of Peking, she was schooled in a unique form of one-stroke calligraphy called Yi Bi Zi (pronounced ee bee dz) by Tai Shi, preceptor to Puyi, the last emperor of China. So refined is this calligraphic art that until recently, she had been the only person ever to qualify as lineage holder and be appointed to carry on this powerful form. 

Lee had made a vow never to teach this sacred art form. However in 2013, Lee selected her student, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, as sole direct lineage holder. Sha is a revolutionary soul healer who brings the power of soul to humanity. Soul can heal. Soul can transform all life. With an M.D. in conventional modern medicine and early mastery of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sha has long been a renowned soul healer. He is also a grandmaster of all of the major ancient Chinese disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, kung fu, the I Ching and feng shui. Through 5,000-year-old lineages, he holds powerful ancient wisdom and secrets of healing, rejuvenation, longevity and the spiritual journey. Above all, he is a special chosen divine servant, vehicle and channel who brings us the treasures of divine soul power.

Invoking the spirit and blessing of her own teacher, Lee performed a rite of initiation dating back millennia and formally transmitted to her successor the wisdom and power behind this special technique, as well as permission to train others that might themselves later qualify to expand and carry on the lineage. 

This she did after Sha’s advanced healing powers cured her of a longstanding health issue, and due to his astounding progress in mastering the art and his sincere commitment to help heal the ills of those in need wherever he travels in the world. Assured by Sha’s commitment to serve all souls of humanity unconditionally, Lee passed on this rarely taught sacred healing art of creating each word with only a single, continuous brush stroke.

In Lee’s unique technique of Yi Bi Zi, there is one uninterrupted roll of the brush, one harmonious stroke, instead of any number of smaller strokes that must be combined to form a standard ideogram. Sometimes more than 20 such small strokes are needed to produce a single character. Conversely, the graceful flow of the single Yi Bi Zi stroke introduces an element of oneness; it sends a further message of unity and oneness flowing through the character, be it light, peace, good health, prosperity, success or what-have-you.

As a means for the practitioner to align soul, heart, mind and body, this technique is also a powerful form of healing. “Any word formed through Yi Bi Zi in its form, strength and purpose can be used to help the ill and those in need in any aspect of their lives,” says Lee.

In Sha’s ideograms, the one stroke is further infused with a healing and transformative source field that can remove blockages at all levels of the soul, mind and body, alleviating suffering and paving the way for radical transformation of all aspects of life. “This calligraphy is not ordinary art. It is art, but it is more than art. It carries divine soul treasures, Source soul treasures to remove the suffering of humanity,” says Sha.

After showcasing his acclaimed Chinese calligraphy scrolls in numerous cities around the world and attracting thousands of people, Sha brings nine Source Chinese Calligraphy to Tucson to inspire the Special Chinese Calligraphy Training participants to experience the powerful blessings contained in the calligraphies. Hosted at the Tucson Museum of Art, this special calligraphy training has been done only once before, and Sha will personally teach every one of the 200 participants to create their own sacred healing art and experience. 

Participants will also have the unique opportunity to connect with the sacred calligraphy scrolls featured in Sha’s newest national bestselling book, Soul Healing Miracles, in which the scrolls radiate the power of soul healing miracles to transform the lives of all that connect with them. 

Because Sha channels the source, he transmits blessings to the calligraphies, instantly incorporating the healing and blessing power, teachings and wisdom into these sacred scrolls. The source Chinese calligraphy scrolls create a healing field with extremely high frequency and vibration (power) to transform any aspect of life, including boosting energy, stamina, vitality and immunity, as well as healing, balancing emotions, preventing sickness, transforming relationships, and bringing success to every aspect of one’s life. 

Each source Chinese calligraphy scroll represents one of nine sacred phrases in Chinese, transmitted from the source through Sha into the calligraphy to help humanity to nourish the soul and promote healing and transformation among Earth’s inhabitants. 

Sha and his Worldwide Representatives will appear from 6 to 8:30 p.m., November 4, at Changing Hands Bookstore for a special Soul Healing Miracles book signing event, followed by a free Soul Healing Miracles evening from 7 to 10 p.m., November 7 and a Soul Healing Miracles weekend from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., November 8 and 9 in Phoenix. In Tucson, Sha, will present Soul Healing Miracles: Linh Guang Calligraphy Sacred Art and Healing Training, from 6 to 9 p.m., November 6, at the Tucson Museum of Art. 

Healers and artists are invited to learn the ancient and sacred calligraphy art form of Yi Bi Zi being shared with the public by Sha, one of only two lineage holders. Sha states, “Tao is the way. Tao is the source. Tao is the universal principles and laws. Everyone is welcome, especially those advancing on their spiritual journey.”


Cost is $25. Location: 140 N. Main Ave. For more information, call 520-624-2333 or visit

Diana Gold Holland is a freelance editor living in Vancouver, Canada. For more information, visit or phone 480-338-1012. See ad on page 3. 

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