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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Body Buffing Offered at Journey to Wellness

Pam McMahon

Pam McMahon, Ph.D., a natural health practitioner, hypnotherapist and owner of Journey to Wellness, is now providing body buffing, a therapy that brings lasting benefits to many areas of the body.

McMahon states, “Body buffing is a technique that reduces pain and inflammation in the body and stimulates fascia and increases blood flow. It significantly reduces cellulite and generates new cell growth. The body buffer is a unique device that oscillates clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time, giving the recipient a deep tissue massage while also delivering amazing health benefits throughout every area of the body. Results are different for everyone, but you will notice the change in how you feel immediately. Come try it today and see for yourself how body buffing will change how you feel and look!”

By appointment only. Customers may receive a $70 session for $50 (including gift certificates) during the month of Dec. Location: 7555 N. Oracle Rd. For more information, call 520-730-0236, email [email protected] or visit See ads pages 8 and 31.