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No Holidays from Good Dental Hygiene

Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center wants to remind everyone that maintaining good oral health routines over the holidays is more important then ever. Good homecare is the most effective measure we can take to prevent dental problems of all types.

Medicine Wheel Dental recommends using a sonicare toothbrush (Diamondclean is preferred), a hydrofloss waterpic, flossing daily at minimum and finding a good natural mouth rinse, such as Tooth and Gum Tonic by Dental Heard Company, as well as a natural toothpaste. These products and more are available at Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center, as are gift certificates for services and VIP packages. 

While maintaining a good diet can help maintain our immune systems and keep our oral health strong, the best thing we can do for our teeth and gums is stick with proper hygiene practices.

Location: 4650 W. Jojoba Dr. For more information, call 520-743-7101 or visit See page on back cover.