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Learn Qigong for Free as Part of Study

Nicolas Ricardo Guillermo, instructor at Immortal Kung Fu, is offering free qigong lessons for healing as part of his effort to publish a study specifically on qigong and its relation to resolving imbalances in the spine.

Guillermo says, “Qigong will prove to be self-chiropractic care. Specific qigong practices teach ancient yogic knowledge of relaxing, lengthening and strengthening the spine, meditating on what is known as the sushumna channel, which is what yogic kundalini energy spirals around. It is located in the center of our gravity when we have a taut spine and we focus on abdominal breathing. Many precise physical and mental controls are needed to open the sushumna. It’s crucial that anyone seeking to learn rapid self-healing practices learns from a credentialed instructor.”

He states, “I am highly credentialed by Dr. G. S. Torres, a member of the Sokeship Council, the most elite and prestigious council of grandmasters in the world. I offer classes in orthodox tai ji, xing yi, ba gua, shao lin kung fu and qigong.

Location: 711 E. Blacklidge Dr. For more information, call 520-427-5811 email Im[email protected] or visit