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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Try Watsu Aquatic Massage at Santa Rita Springs

Santa Rita Springs celebrates its eighth year offering aquatic massage, or Watsu, in their 96-degree therapy pool. Aquatic Massage has been called a blissful floating massage, with all the therapeutic benefits of shiatsu, effortless stretches and the added support and comfort of a warm, gravity-free experience.

At least seven therapists offer their own variation of the art at Santa Rita Springs, each one bringing their personal gifts to their sessions. Dorothy Richmond includes the ancient Japanese energy method jin shin jyutsu in her sessions. She finds that energy work in the warm embrace of the water is amplified, allowing dramatic changes to occur due to water’s conductive properties. Richmond also includes craniosacral therapy in the 75-minute session. Childhood memories of play in water and sometimes even pre-birth memories, surface and some say it is like returning to the womb for an hour.

All first-time aquatic massage customers receive a happy birthday discount during Jan. For appointments, call 520 622-4201 or email [email protected]. See ad page 35.