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Energy Support For A Self-Healing Body

Candace Studebaker

Candace Studebaker, a former physical therapist, reiki master and energy worker of Integrative Energy Therapies offers assessment and instruction of various energy medicine techniques. Studebaker has many years of experience with chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, autoimmune diseases, cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stress-related illnesses, cardiovascular, emotional and soul issues and many other illnesses.

Electromagnetic energy of the body and soul/spiritual issues are rarely, if ever, addressed in the mainstream health-care delivery system. When the body’s electromagnetic energy is sluggish or stuck and not flowing, the result is disease, pain and discomfort. Studebaker teaches a simple five-minute daily routine that reminds the energy system what to do. She tests movement, direction and quality of the electromagnetic energy in nine parts of the body’s energy system to determine where additional support is needed to function freely. The technique is simple and individualized and once learned, is easily performed.

These simple techniques to enhance and increase normal energy flow will assist in balance and support for a self-healing body. The body’s energy system has been ignored for hundreds of years, but this flow of energy affects all aspects of life and keeping it vibrant is essential. 

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