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Ionic Detoxification Foot Baths: Real or Hoax?

For many years, there have been questions about the benefits of the ionic detoxification footbath. The process is based on osmosis—the water-filled footbath releases ions into the water, which are then taken up into the body through the pores via osmosis. The polarity is reversed periodically, creating positive and negative ions. Cells energized by the ions in the water are then encouraged to release oil, acid, fat, heavy metals, and other debris and waste which has accumulated in the bloodstream, liver, and gallbladder over an entire lifetime. As the cells release toxins, again through osmosis, the debris is released through more than 4,000 pores of the feet back into the water, turning it a bright rust color, or a murky brown. 

The ionic detoxification footbath has helped thousands heal from disease, reach optimal health and recover from serious health conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, and cancer.

Pamela J. McMahon-Vorrasi, Ph.D. has 18 years experience in the healing field as a natural health practitioner, counselor, and hypnotherapist. She owns and operates Journey to Wellness, located at 7555 N. Oracle Rd. Call 520-730-0236, email [email protected], or visit See ads page 14, 24, 34. 

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