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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Arbor Day Ritual

The 16th century great Kabbalist, Isaac Luria, began the practice of eating fruit and drinking wine to honor the feminine aspect of the Divine as the Tree of Life. This simple ritual nurtures awareness of being human and the relationship to nature as represented in trees. It can easily be adapted to other nature-based ceremonies and is especially applicable to celebrations for Arbor Day on April 24. 

DRINK – four cups of wine (can be as small as one oz. shot glasses) or fruit juice and mineral water in the following sequence:  white, white mixed with red, red mixed with white and red.

BLESS – each drink. Reflect on how people are like trees—or about the recently risen sap after the winter rest. Invoke the Shekhinah, the Feminine Presence of the Divine, seeing her as Mother Earth. Reflect on our roles as custodian of nature.

EAT – three types of fruit. Fruit with a rind (representing earth and body), fruit with pits (representing emotion), and fruit that is completely edible (representing mind).

Do whatever helps you to pause and appreciate a positive ritual and awareness.

Lynn Rae Lowe is a compassionate artist who composes and performs vibrant and meaningful ceremonies. Call 520-299-7900, email [email protected] 
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