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Overlooked Causes of Physical Pain

Pain is a message from the body indicating that something is wrong and there is a need for change. People often seek a singular cause for their pain, but it usually requires an analysis of both daily occurrences and an overall perspective to see long-term change in pain patterns. 

Even mild daily aches can take away from the joy of living, and there is a huge difference between serious long-lasting pain from an illness or injury and a mild daily headache.

There are many ways to cope with pain. Most are easy to follow and empowering, and can be done at home before resorting to medical or other treatment. 

Below are some common lifestyle issues that can cause pain. 

Sitting too much: When sitting, arteries shrink by approximately 50 percent, decreasing circulation. This causes muscles to weaken and become painful. Prolonged time sitting can cause cumulative damage that will not usually be helped with regular exercise. The solution is usually to try to get up at least once per hour and take a movement break.

Life Stress: Stress presents differently in everyone, but the symptoms are common and typically include feeling overwhelmed, frequent headaches, jaw clenching, appetite changes and muscle tension. Overcoming the symptoms of chronic stress usually means a person must learn some coping techniques which often requires professional counseling.

Poor Sleep: The body restores itself during deep sleep, making tissue repairs and new growth, eliminating toxins, balancing hormones and strengthening the immune system. Poor sleep becomes linked to chronic pain when the body is unable to maintain healthy tissues and rejuvenates itself during sleep. Committing to a good sleeping routine every day, and removing obstacles to sleep such as excessive noise and light can overcome this.

Often, when chronic pain is a problem people immediately seek professional help, but there are many things one can do to help relieve symptoms before seeking therapeutic or medical help. 

Stephanie Dixon, of New Leaf Massage Therapy has been a massage therapist for 8 years and a neuromuscular therapist for 4 years. She focuses on treating and managing pain and injuries in her private studio located at 2550 N. Stewart Ave. Call 520-775-2367, email [email protected][email protected],
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