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Women's Wellness: May Letter from Publisher

Apr 30, 2015 11:33AM

Holly Baker

It is a joy to celebrate women’s health this month with many vital topics pertaining to women of all ages—pregnant, nursing, mothers, their children and otherwise—and to bring more awareness to the health and happiness of all the ladies in our lives.

We usually associate breast cancer awareness with the month of October, but it is important to keep in mind year-round. Because of this, I’m excited that our feature in this issue is all about reducing our risk of breast cancer. In Rethinking Breast Health, on page 26, you’ll learn natural ways to take care of the girls now to reduce cancer risks in the future.

Another important aspect of women’s health is pregnancy and childbirth. Though it’s a natural part of life that many women experience, we’ve come so far from the truly natural experience that women have so gracefully endured since the beginning of time. In Giving Birth Naturally, on page 29, Meredith Montgomery discusses how you can have a more natural, intervention-free birth, to bring a healthy, happy baby into the world.

Ever wonder why vegetarians and vegans seem to be so slim and trim? Studies on page 25 can explain the many wonderful benefits of a vegetable diet, and perhaps encourage you to try going veg—or start “Meatless Monday” with your family. With all the fresh vegetables abundant during this time of year, it’s hard to say no!

Love to the women of Tucson,


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