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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Bio-Touch Relieves Pain and Reduces Stress

Kenna Stephenson

Bio-Touch is a unique healing technique which uses skin to skin contact—light touching of the practitioner’s fingertips to certain points on the recipient’s skin—to relieve pain and reduce stress levels. This technique, which embodies the essence of motherly love, is available at Bio-Touch.

In 2004, Kenna Stephenson, M.D., did a study comparing Bio-Touch to other techniques the National Institute of Health classifies as energy medicine, such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. She reported that in medicine, “kangaroo” touch is used for a baby born with low body temperature. The baby is held skin to skin, to the mother’s stomach, and the baby’s temperature rises as effectively as if put in an incubator. The mother’s natural and spontaneous urge to stroke and caress the baby calms and reassures the child.

“Other therapies require practitioners to meditate or center themselves, but Bio-Touch practitioners do not have to mentally prepare in any way; they simply have to touch,” says Paul Bucky, executive director of Bio-Touch.

Stephenson’s research showed that someone with less than a week’s training in Bio-Touch could be just as effective as someone who’d been practicing for years. 

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