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Healthy Food Made and Offered with Love at Tumerico

Jun 30, 2015 06:11PM ● By Sylvia Haskvitz

Growing up in Hermosillo, Mexico, with a father who farmed both at home and at work, Wendy Garcia has loved having her hand in food for as long as she can remember. Now the owner of Tumerico, Garcia makes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free world cuisine for the residents of Tucson.

When she came to the U.S. at age 18, Garcia found meat to be less healthy than what she remembered from her native Hermosillo. She wanted to be healthier and decided to forego meat and become vegan in 2005. Garcia worked at a couple of Tucson restaurants—Feast and the AZ Inn—where she learned a lot that would serve her well in eventually beginning her own food business.

Garcia credits her yoga teacher, Lisa Schrempp, with encouraging her to branch out on her own and offer up her delicious array of healthful, gluten-free foods to Tucson residents. Through Schrempp, who is also an Ayurveda instructor, Garcia learned the benefits of tumeric (or turmeric), which inspired the company’s name—Tumerico. One of Garcia’s specialties is Tumerico Tonic, which includes tumeric, lime, ginger and water.

She started her business in November 2014, selling her delicacies mostly at the Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market and occasionally at the Sunday Heirloom Farmers’ Markets at Rillito Downs and at St. Philip’s Plaza. Tumerico sells collard wraps, curries, quesadillas and more to Aqua Vita, Food Conspiracy Co-op and New Life on Speedway. In addition, Garcia caters events and is considering selling her goods from a food cart in the future.

Focused on making delicious, nutritious foods that everyone can enjoy, Garcia bakes healthy brownies made from coconut sugar and bananas and gluten-free tortillas from rice and garbanzo bean flour. The tortillas can be toasted and eaten for breakfast or wrapped around guacamole or other favorite ingredients. Garcia chooses GMO-free corn that she buys from Alejandro’s Tortilla Factory and uses for her tamales. Garcia says one of her most popular items is the butternut squash tamale.

As much as she learned from working at local restaurants, Garcia loves what she does—working for herself and having the freedom to create to her heart’s desire.

For more information, call 520-270-2055, email [email protected] or visit

Sylvia Haskvitz, a certified trainer with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and a registered dietitian, combines her passion for NVC and for food, healthy eating and well-being. Connect with her at 520-572-9295 or [email protected].