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Learn to use Bio-Touch to Enhance Other Bodywork Therapies

Bio-Touch, a gentle touch-healing method used to relieve pain, lessen stress and alleviate symptoms of disease, is a type of bodywork therapy that can be used in conjunction with other bodywork therapies to further enhance positive results. Bio-Touch’s educational foundation is now offering classes to teach massage therapists to use Bio-Touch to complement their massage work.

Bodywork involves therapeutic and/or personal development with the human body through manipulative, energy or breathing therapies. Some examples include yoga, reflexology, qigong, Tai Chi, applied kinesiology and massage therapy. These methods are used to promote, maintain and restore physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual health.

“Ever since I started incorporating Bio-Touch into my therapies, I have noticed a difference in how my clients receive their treatment,” says Spirit Berndt, owner of Health Through Awareness Bodywork Therapies. “By applying these simple, easy to incorporate points, my clients are more relaxed on the conscious and subconscious levels.”

Massage therapists earn continuing education credits from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for taking these classes.

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