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Qigong Healing and Universal Oneness

Jul 31, 2015 10:32PM ● By Kathy Rivera Wallace

Kathy Rivera Wallace: When I attended the Qi Revolution my favorite posture was the “Qi Ball”. I felt like I was carrying a magnetic orb of energy. What significance does this posture have?

Jeff Primack: OUR HANDS ARE LIKE MIRRORS reflecting light back and forth. The Qi Ball posture is 10x stronger if palms are aligned correctly, i.e. not having one palm more forward. Learning to align your hands/body allows you to build a higher magnetic charge, which most people get excited about. Kids are especially drawn to the Qi Ball and a few schoolteachers that I’ve trained share it in their classrooms. Aside from feeling cool, the qigong postures are shown to improve energy and resolve health issues.

KRW: How can everyday people use qigong to reach their full potential?

JP: More than simply collecting Qi, the Gong is a change in our discipline and character. Awakening to God/Nature’s presence in our daily lives is greatly supported by realizing we are energy, but most don’t physically experience this unity. Qi profoundly increases mind focus, because it changes us on the deepest level possible, the vibrational level. War Veterans love that our qigong breathing techniques actually get you high, like a euphoric rush of energy. The 9-Breath method works so well for veterans, because their traumas are at the vibrational level. Holding breath and skillfully exhaling excites the vibration of our cells and brings a healing force. This ever-present force of Qi belongs to no religion, yet is spiritual and available to all people willing to learn skillful breathing. Reaching our highest potential or enlightenment begins with being in charge of our own vibration and emotional state.

KRW: How does FOOD affect a person’s Qi vibration, according to your teachings?

JP: Eating raw fruits and veggies give us enzymes with lots of Qi, however it is a source of dampness in Chinese medicine. Qigong views digestion like a cauldron of water boiling over a fire. If you put too much water/raw foods in the pot all at once it will take longer to boil. By not eating unto fullness and cooking we access more energy and qigong focuses on improving this “digestive fire”. Eating a high-phytochemical diet that is rich in deep colored foods, electron abundant anti-oxidants and cooking with saturated fats is suggested. I drink smoothies with organic veggies and fruits like strawberries and avocado with its big seed, however, cooking is known to improve nutrient absorption in studies and therefore, cooking hot meals is a big part of our program. Claudia Gabrielle, MD, is a practicing Ivy-League physician who is currently suggesting components of our food healing protocols to interested patients. As a family practice doctor having seen over 70,000 patients, Dr. Claudia brings wisdom and feels it is time to change people’s health at the food level. She will be speaking at the Orlando National Event about the latest advances in ‘Chromatography’ allowing scientists to quantify healing phytochemicals, thus attributing functional medicine to specific foods.

KRW: Why should people interrupt their busy lives to attend the Qi Revolution at the Tucson Convention Center on September 5–8.

JP: It is rare when so many beautiful souls gather and practice qigong under one roof. We are stronger in one massive field and GROUP ENERGY being exponentially more powerful. We keep our conference price low, because people (now more than ever) require this knowledge to prosper. This year we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary teaching Qi Revolution and people can justify dropping what they’re doing simply to be in the amazing energy present in the ambient ballroom. Learning to eat and do qigong for maximum wellness is a benefit you will enjoy for a long life.

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Interviewer Kathy Rivera Wallace is a TV talk show host who regularly interviews leading wellness experts. Jeff Primack is a qigong teacher who studied with many Qi masters from all over the world and has taught 50,000+ people at live Qi Revolution conferences across the U.S.

“Qi Revolution” comes to Tucson Convention Center September 5–8. Jeff Primack and a trained group of 20 qigong teachers will teach 4-days of qigong for only $149! This is the largest qigong event in Arizona. Tickets and more info, phone 800-298-8970 or visit

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