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De-Clutter to De-Stress

Aug 31, 2015 11:30PM ● By Kathleen Geis

With all the recent studies regarding the negative effects that stress has on our health, it makes sense to create a peaceful retreat for ourselves within our homes. Decluttering the home is an affordable and easy first step to creating that relaxing space that can change life for the better. Clutter can cause anxiety, and if not kept up with, it can take over and leave us feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and more stressed out.

A simple, two-part system can be utilized to help stay focused and on track.

The first part is to categorize all the clutter into three piles: what can be donated, what can be thrown out (or recycled), and what will be kept.

This second step, re-organization, is a preventative measure to ensure that clutter doesn’t creep back in. It is equally as important as the first step. A professional organizer can be hired to visit the home and create systems that are tailored to one’s needs, or it can be done alone. If going the DIY route, there are plenty of websites and blogs that give valuable organizational suggestions for every room in the house.

One small tip to cut down on clutter is to par down accessories on exposed shelves. Many people display all their treasured items at once. Instead, rotate items every three, six or 12 months, keeping items temporarily not being used in labeled storage bins.

Following these tips should help to keep clutter down and keep stress away.

Kathleen Geis is a professional home stager and re-designer, specializing in decorating homes using what is already in the home. For more information, call 520-870-2108, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 21.

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