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What is Agelessness?

Aug 31, 2015 11:33PM ● By Cera Lynn

Many of us fear growing older, men and women alike. Women have understood that their appearance, particularly in the workplace, is something that is expected to be upheld as constant and flowering. Yet, we can all lose our bloom eventually, due to the challenges of our everyday lives.

Our experiences are etched on our faces and in our postures. Hopefully, our compassion for one another’s plights reaches out in response. Beauty is not just skin deep; it comes from the depths of our success and failure.

Our society has repeatedly confronted and changed many negative stereotypes of women and men; and aging is our final frontier. The fastest growing segment of our population is over 65. The lack of respect for and the understanding of America’s older population requires major reexamination. We need to create a new image of older women, in particular—in keeping with ancient times, when they were revered for their special abilities and wisdom. The pendulum is swinging from one of materialistic forces of power and success to a collective yearning for connection. The ancient female values of compassion and relatedness could help usher in a new time—one with a new respect for the value of relationship.

Our entire population over the last 30 years has been slowly coming to terms with a healthier approach to diet and exercise. We would all like to live our later years with an ambulatory body and sound mind. In addition, the supplement companies are promising us with their “super food greens” and new technologies that “80” is the new “50”.

So, many of us are living longer. Yet the attitude of valuing oneself at any age and accepting our own humanness and vulnerability is the most notable achievement of personal empowerment, as well as an alluring gift. Maintaining a sense of wonder and excitement about our aliveness and the world around us is truly what “agelessness” is about.

Cera Lynn is a licensed acupuncturist and therapeutic bodywork professional and licensed aesthetician. She is the owner of SpaZen, now located at 1910 North La Canada Drive, #4, in Green Valley. Connect with her at 520-398-9886, C[email protected] or See ad, page 31.

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