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GE Computing Assists with Windows 10 Installations

Beginning in July, Microsoft has offered Windows 10 to owners of Windows 7 and later computers at no charge, at least for the first year. Don Gibbens, of GE Computing and Internet Services, is available to assist with the installation, either as an upgrade or as a “clean” install on a new/reset computer.

“I have installed Windows 10 on several computers,” says Gibbens. “I didn’t do Windows 10 as an upgrade, instead checking that I wanted to do it as if it was a new computer. I haven’t had any problems.” However, there are reports of people having serious problems, especially when they do it as an upgrade. Some feel that it is not yet stable, and may wish to wait to install.

In view of the problems some have encountered while installing Windows 10, Gibbens suggests not to install it yet, and instead wait until more of the bugs are taken out. “After all, we do have until at least June 2016 or so before the free year is done,” he says. “If you still wish to install it, I would recommend you first back up your data. Now might be a good time for us to start working together, so if there are any problems, we can work on them together.”

For more information, call 520-3321485, email [email protected] or visit GE Computing and Internet Srvices on Facebook. See ad, page 19.

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