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Feng Shui: Form and Compass

When reduced to its essence, feng shui is the management of energy, or chi. There are two primary schools of feng shui practiced today in the west—Black Hat (BTB) Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui (Compass). BTB is primarily linked to the physical “form” of the environment, providing guidance as to what is going on energetically in a space, while Compass is driven by form, but also uses compass directions to determine the energy of a building.

In both schools, the energy of the resident must be matched to the energy of the building. That is why it is so important to pay attention to surroundings. Is there something in the home or office that catches one’s attention, but not in a positive way? Are there colors that bother us and others that light us up? Are there things in the home that are broken, that haven’t been fixed? All of these represent energy patterns that affect how we feel and how our lives flow.

Frequently prescribed cures, such as wind chimes, mirrors, crystals and water, are all methods of modifying the flow of energy in a space to support the natural chi of the resident. Feng shui is the manipulation of this energy, providing the knowledge and tools to help guide us into perfect alignment with our space.

Kevin Walters, owner of Feng Shui Planning, has a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning, with an emphasis on Feng Shui and Neighborhood Devel-opment. He is a frequent speaker on feng shui and our surrounding environment. Connect with him at 804-986-2361, [email protected] or

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