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Awakening Your Heart Light Body at Amy Hochreiter Coaching

Amy Kalama Hochreiter

Amy Kalama Hochreiter, of Amy Hochreiter Coaching, now offers the Awakening Your Heart Light Body process—her adaptation of Patti Conklin’s Cellular Cleansing, for which Hochreiter was certified in 2014. These sessions are an interactive process which transform the cellular and emotional body, heart and soul.

“During a lifetime, an emotional density of words, beliefs and thoughts accumulates in the cells and energy fields. For some, this manifests in physical form as a disease process, becoming difficult to truly transform and heal,” says Hochreiter. “For many, the emotional debris creates an unconscious stagnation that challenges our growth. Using the unique energy I have integrated, memories stored in the tissues and energy fields are cleaned, neutralized and positively restored, keeping whole the gift of your experiences.”

Six follow-up phone appointments are included to ensure the process continues after the sessions are completed. A notable shift in physical wellness is experienced by a majority of clients with this method. The process is comprehensive and takes several sessions over one or two days.

Hochreiter also offers integrative and heart-centered energy health coaching—using her unique gifts, skills, advanced energy techniques and guidance to assist clients in accomplishing goals and manifesting dreams. This includes whole-person health coaching and advanced energy healing sessions, Color Works meditative process and additional techniques.

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