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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Dr. Tevna Tayler Offers Thursday ThetaHealing Sessions

Tevna Tayler

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and certified ThetaHealer, Tevna Tayler, of Wildhorse Natural Medicine, devotes Thursdays specifically to ThetaHealing sessions—to clear blockages, open channels and empower clients to achieve abundant peace and joy in all areas of life. She offers sessions in her new office in the old YMCA building downtown, as well as making house calls and doing Skype sessions.

“The basis of most illness is emotional/spiritual distress—usually going against yourself in some way, on some level, against what you really want or what makes you happy,” explains Tayler. “So, I focus on getting you back in touch with your truth. I use ThetaHealing technique to help people clear and open the channels at the deep energy levels to restore health, happiness, joy, abundance and peace to every area of life.”

Tayler specializes in helping people clear their blocks and liberate themselves on every level to become the people they want to be and build lives that bring them joy.

For more information, call 520-312-4220, email [email protected] or visit