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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Integrative Hypnotherapy Opens in Tucson

Jeri Mills

Jeri Mills, an integrative medicine physician, certified clinical hypnotherapist, veterinarian, Reiki Master Teacher and intuitive healer, has recently opened a practice in Tucson called Integrative Hypnotherapy, at 3333 North Campbell Avenue, Suite 12. Integrative Hypnotherapy offers traditional hypnotherapy and integrative hypnotherapy, in which Mills co-mingles hypnotherapy and energy healing.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in helping to bring about lifestyle changes including weight loss, smoking cessation, improving study habits and test taking skills, releasing fears and phobias, releasing the effects of trauma and more.

Mills has written three books, Tapestry of Healing, Healing is Believing and Gluten-Free with Dr. Jeri. She has lectured internationally about the integration of Western medicine and energy medicine. Since becoming aware of her ability to channel energy, Mills has integrated energy healing into all aspects of her life and her medical practice. Besides using her innate intuitive abilities, she has studied many healing modalities including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, shamanic healing, dowsing, herbal medicine, homeopathy and hypnotherapy.

For more information, call 520-395-0340.