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The Gentle Atlas Orthogonal Method for Neck Pain and Headaches

Some people who would benefit from chiropractic care for neck pain and headaches are afraid of neck manipulation. One effective alternative is the gentle Atlas Orthogonal method of chiropractic care, which may be an answer to those who have suffered with migraines, other headaches or neck pain, and have not found a solution elsewhere.

The central nervous system (CNS) is comprised of the brain and spinal cord. Misalignment or imbalance of the spinal column affects its optimum function, which can lead to headaches and other painful and uncomfortable symptoms in the body—a frequent result of automobile and other injuries.

The most crucial portion of the spinal column is the upper neck, where the neck connects to the head. This area contains the Atlas, the top bone in the spine, as well as the brainstem, which controls heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and other autonomic functions. Realigning the Atlas to its proper position allows the rest of the spine to return to normal alignment. This, in turn, facilitates the body in healing itself and the CNS in helping bodily systems communicate properly.

An Atlas Orthogonal doctor uses X-rays to determine the malposition of the Atlas. He then uses a percussion instrument to realign this bone without forceful adjusting. This method is gentle, yet effective, and results often can be immediate and dramatic. Atlas Orthogonal adjusting has been featured on the The Doctors and The Montel Williams Show.

Alan D. Cross, D.C., is trained in the Atlas Orthogonal method and offers it at his chiropractic practice, in Tucson. He graduated from Amphitheater High School in Tucson, attended Northern Arizona University and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been in practice in Tucson since 1995. For more information, call 520-797-4177, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 6.