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Colon Hydrotherapy, Prep for Colonoscopy

Sheila Shea

In preparation for a colonoscopy, there are alternative methods to the harsh laxatives, such as colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the colon as preparation for colonoscopy and other intestinal diagnostic studies, and research indicates that it is more effective than laxatives.

People choose colon hydrotherapy over chemical laxatives for many reasons, including harsh experiences with past laxative preparation, preference of natural water over chemical cleansing and because chemical laxatives may cause diarrhea.

Those with metabolic syndrome, abdominal visceral fat or constipation are more difficult to cleanse, in which case a combination of colonics and laxatives would be helpful. People take three colonics to cleanse thoroughly and assess preparedness for colonoscopy. If the therapist feels the patient is not cleansing well, the patient is advised to reschedule their colonoscopy.

All gastrointestinal doctors accept colon hydrotherapy as a preparation for large bowel cleansing. In some states, clinics have colon hydrotherapy and colonoscopy under the same roof.

Sheila Shea, who founded the Intestinal Health Institute in 1997, has been board certified in colon hydrotherapy for 38 years. In 2012, she became a Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner. Connect with her at 520-325-9686, [email protected] or See ad, page 23.