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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Workshops and Retreats with Heather Chalon, MPH

Heather Chalon Separating Hands

Heather Chalon, MPH, teacher of tai chi, qigong and Tao arts, will offer workshops and retreats in southern Arizona, beginning in January. Chalon’s Power of the Inner Smile and Chi Self Massage Facial Workshop will be held on January 16. Other upcoming events include a two-day Tai Chi for Health workshop, February 4 to 5, and a Tao Fundamentals retreat will be available in the summer and fall.

“Whether you are new to these lifestyle practices, want to go further in personal practice, wish to begin sharing with others, choose to deepen skills as an instructor or simply want to earn professional continuing education credits while doing something wonderful for yourself, we inspire and empower community of well-being,” says Chalon.

Chalon offers modalities such as Tao healing arts, tai chi, qigong, Tao yoga, workplace wellness and corporate programs and more. “Tai chi, qigong, Tao Yin (yoga) and Tao meditation work at all levels of being: body, mind, emotions, spirit and lifestyle, connecting and aligning the self with one’s natural source of passion, purpose and vibrant health,” says Chalon.

For more information, call 520-780-6751, email [email protected] or visit