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Biological Dentistry for Whole-Body Health

Dec 01, 2015 10:49AM ● By Marcia Detwiler Scupin

Dr Krizman holding the tube of the suction machine to remove mercury gas during amalgam filling removal

Integrative biological dentistry may sound complicated, but it’s perfectly natural. Biological dentists, also known as environmental or holistic dentists, operate according to the belief system that our teeth are an integral part of the body, and hence overall health, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a New York Times best-selling author and health advocate. Biological dentists recognize that oral and dental health can have a major influence on other disease processes in the body.

Tucson-based Jeanne Anne Krizman, DMD, MPH, says, “It’s vitally important to me to be aware of what I’m putting in my patients’ mouths, because what we’re exposed to affects our overall health.” It’s about limiting “toxic load sources,” adds Krizman, who operates her practice in Medical Square, in Tucson, and is herself an integrative biological dentist.

Many today are becoming more aware of the health links between teeth/gums and health. The effects of periodontal disease on cardiovascular health is national news. The links between gum disease and cancers and arthritis, however, may be less known, but not by Krizman, who says she treats each patient individually and learns as much as she can about his or her health issues before treatment.

An example of this is her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians in relation to dental health. Each tooth, she says, indicates a link to a specific body organ, system or muscle. For example, a patient suffering from breast cancer may have an infected tooth in the mammary gland tooth meridian (upper molars).

Another example is her use of ozone therapies. “It helps periodontal disease. I’ve had good success,” she reports. Ozonated water, ozone gas and prolozone/homeopathic ozone injectables are some ways Krizman uses ozone to aid her patients. “Ozone treatments are antibacterial, aid healing with no toxic side effects, decrease dry sockets, stimulate bone growth and stimulate periodontal cells,” she explains.

Laser treatments are available if ozone does not work, and for other uses, such as to kill bacteria and stimulate bone growth. Krizman also does frenectomy laser surgeries on babies who are having trouble breastfeeding because of tongue ties or lip tips in their mouths.

Lasers aren’t just used for surgeries and periodontal disease at Krizman’s office. She also offers laser tooth whitening, which does not damage enamel like traditional whitening trays or heat lights. One treatment can make teeth up to five times whiter, she says.

One of the most publicized reasons people seek out biological dentists is to have silver mercury amalgam fillings replaced with biologically compatible tooth-colored fillings. Krizman is an International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Accredited Dentist who is passionate about preventing mercury exposure to her patients, staff and herself. Her treatment rooms boast advanced equipment to drape and protect the patient, including a suction system and mouth dams (to keep the mercury from being swallowed). Not only are the humans protected, but Krizman recycles all used mercury with an efficient amalgam separator system to protect the environment and meet state waste water discharge rules. After removal, patients may choose to go through an amalgam detox that can last up to three months.

When it comes to replacing metal fillings, Krizman recommends a European-made, tooth-colored filling that is highly durable and biocompatible for 99 percent of the population. For those with allergies or special concerns, she also offers the Clifford Consulting & Research Test, a blood-draw to determine a patient’s reaction to all available dental materials. Armed with this knowledge, she can choose a suitable, non-toxic composite material tailored to individual needs.

Implants are another specialty for this dentist, who holds a master’s level certification in implant placement from Loma Linda University in California. She prefers to use metal-free implants made of a zirconium dioxide ceramic rather than titanium implants, because some people have metal toxicities.
Titanium implants also contain a small percentage of aluminum and vanadium.

Most dentists employ X-rays to better view their patients’ tooth health. Krizman takes this diagnostic one step further and orders CT scans, which can catch problems earlier. Bone loss from an infected root-canal tooth may not be detected on a standard X-ray until 50 percent of the bone is gone, she explains.

Pain and anxiety are lessened with such tools as electrodermal acupuncture, essential oils and natural homeopathic remedies, which can reduce painkiller dependence post-extraction. Patients can also be assured that they will never have chemicals in the water that is used to clean their teeth. Krizman’s office ozonates water daily and it is used for all dental procedures. The office is fluoride-free as well.

Various natural products and techniques are offered, such as “oil pulling” coconut oil, and she also carries natural herbal toothpastes and mouthwash tonics.

Not only are Krizman’s methods and machinery environmentally safe, but she uses air purifiers throughout her tastefully decorated office, which is exclusively tiled to avoid carpet concerns. The paint on the walls is non-VOC and local art fills the walls. A colorful children’s room with safe toys, that doubles as a breastfeeding sanctuary for newborn frenectomy patients, rounds out the ambiance. “My office is a biologically based, healthier environment for my patients and for people to work in,” she says.

“Most of my patients are holistically minded,” says Krizman. “I am not here to preach, but to provide a service.” Krizman, who already holds a master’s degree in public health with a focus on environmental and occupational health, will become a naturopathic physician this February.

“I don’t claim to heal patients, but my patients tell me they feel better after I treat them,” Krizman says.

Dr. Krizman Integrative Dentistry is located at 1601 N. Tucson Blvd., Ste. 35, in Tucson. Connect with Dr. Krizman at 520-326-0082 or See ad, page 26.

Marcia Detwiler Scupin is a freelance writer in Tucson. She enjoys writing about spiritual awareness, mind-body health approaches and ancient ways made new again.