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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Relationship Astro Readings with Millie Silvio

Millie Silvio

Millie Silvio provides astrological answers to clients asking, “Why do they do that?” in regards to their family, romance and career relationships. Her readings help people understand the way different signs deal with the journey of life, and discover more about their own journey. Gift cards for Silvio’s readings are available as holiday gifts.

“Find out more about yourself and the relationship you would like to understand better. With a greater understanding of yourself and the other person, the relationship can be improved and enhanced,” explains Silvio. “Whether family, romance or career, it’s all about understanding each other and ourselves better, and we have fun doing it.”

Silvio offers her services privately in person, by phone or Skype, or in a “party” format. Parties are available for holiday gatherings of any size, and the host receives a free reading. Readings include two charts—one for the person receiving the reading, and a chart of the person they are interested in learning more about. As part of the fun experience, Silvio brings cupcakes to the parties.

Cost: $25 for 15 minutes; $45 for 30 minutes. For more information, call 520-603-8395 or email [email protected].