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Essential Oils From Kate’s Majik

Essential oils are concentrated, liquefied extracts containing the volatile aromatic compounds from plants, flowers and trees, and they have been used for ceremonial and medicinal applications, as well as perfumery, going back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. Pure essential oils promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They serve as powerful tools to enhance mood, support the immune system and combat stress.

Unfortunately, synthetic fragrances that are found in the majority of commercially available perfumes today do not have any of the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils and their petroleum-derived ingredients can cause headaches and other health concerns.

True, plant-based perfumes should only contain pure essential oils and natural absolutes added to a carrier oil or alcohol. In addition to providing the wearer with a delightful aroma that doesn’t overpower, each time a plant-based perfume is applied to the skin and the aroma is inhaled, the olfactory nerves send signals to the limbic system—the part of the brain that controls emotions. Each essential oil has different properties, some of which help calm the mind, while others stimulate or serve as aphrodisiacs.

Tucson-based aromatherapy company Kate’s Magik has been formulating 100 percent pure essential oil blends and natural perfumes since 2002, and in October of 2015, Ritual by Kate’s Magik opened at 215 N. Court Ave., in the Presidio. The boutique offers many varieties of 100 percent pure essential oils, carrier oils such as sweet almond, jojoba and avocado, and empty bottles to formulate your own blends. The store also offers expertly crafted natural perfumes, massage and body oils, as well as aromatherapy mists created by therapeutic master perfumer Kate Becker. For more information, call 520-743-1486 or visit See ad, page 23.