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Mark Frighetti

Mark Frighetti

Mark Frighetti, a qigong teacher/healer at Healing Arts Qigong Center, was introduced to qigong in 1998. He began teaching ZY Qigong in 2004, and is certified to teach Level 1 and 2. Frighetti is involved with many types of natural healing and offers qigong therapy treatments, a hands-on treatment session that helps heal physical and emotional pain while raising one’s spiritual awareness.

Frighetti studied acupressure under Master Augustine Fong, received his certificate to treat and began healing others. In 2002, he met Grandmaster Mingtang Xu, the Zhong Yuan Qigong lineage holder, and started a journey following his teachings through higher levels of ZY Qigong and Image Therapy.

ZY Qigong practice helps eliminate fear and develop a spiritual awareness. Living in fear harms one’s well-being and dampens spirituality. This practice introduces a method that helps develop an inner calmness and spiritual awareness, opening the heart to allow more joy and compassion to radiate from one’s being.

Frighetti teaches qigong practice at Desert Milagros, 3438 North Country Club Road, in Tucson, from 7 to 8:45 p.m., on Thursdays.

For more information, call 520-404-8745, email [email protected] or visit