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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Amy Hochreiter

Amy Kalama Hochreiter

Amy Kalama Hochreiter, of Amy Hochreiter Coaching, provides energetic health and wellness coaching to clients looking to stay healthy or regain health for the New Year and beyond. A health and wellness coach can provide support, ideas and accountability for a life-changing experience.  

“We each have a different set of needs for maintaining health, and it is likely everyone can improve their health in some way,” explains Hochreiter. “Energy healing using Heart Light healing energy can help clients release the stagnant energy and restore a lighter flow for a successful future. When you begin to clear these past thoughts, feelings and beliefs, newer and healthier ideas and energy support you and your plans for successful change, such as diet, exercise, optimal healing or healing from a disease process, as well as other personal transformations.”

One-time appointments are possible, although several regular sessions provide a greater benefit, depending on a client’s unique situation.  

For more information, call 520-272-4290 or email