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Dental Health & Friendship: In this community, we pay special attention to staying healthy and happy, from head to toe.

Feb 01, 2016 02:55PM

Holly Baker

In this community, we pay special attention to staying healthy and happy, from head to toe. While we often discuss alternative modalities to keep our bodies in shape, it is not as often that we talk specifically about our mouths.

Our mouth and teeth are the gateway to the rest of our bodies, so it is no wonder that many problems that start in the teeth and gums can later lead to illnesses in other areas. Keeping the teeth in good health, therefore, also helps keep the rest of us in tip-top shape.

To explore some novel ideas for keeping a close eye on our teeth, check out some wise words from Medicine Wheel Dental on page 30, as well as our feature article on page 28.

A perfect smile could just lead to more happiness in all areas of life—including your love life. Each February, with the arrival of Valentine’s Day, there is much talk of love and relationships. But love is not always as simple as the holiday often makes it out to be. Steve Ross and Karen McChrystal, longtime marriage and family counselors, delve into some of the more real nuances of love and relationships—both with ourselves and with our partners—on page 36.

Whether you find yourself happily in a relationship, working hard on a relationship, or working on yourself this month, take a moment to smile and appreciate the endless possibilities we have each day to grow and change for the better.

Cheers to you,


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