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Crystal Singing Bowls: Acoustic Luminescence, Ecstatic Stillness, Mystic Soundscape

Feb 01, 2016 03:16PM ● By Tryshe Dhevney

Tryshe Dhevney

Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are not ordinary crystal bowls, but rather escorts beyond the ordinary to a state of multidimensional awareness, grace and beauty.

The Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls have inspired my best-selling recordings with Sounds True. As a Harmonic Sound Explorer, I’ve chosen to work with the crystal sound power of these bowls because they are both musical instruments and highly efficient medical devices, shifting and transforming stagnant patterns in all its forms. Quartz, by nature, is a transducer of energy, which means it converts the slower vibration of dense matter to a higher frequency.

When playing a quartz crystal bowl, we create a condition in the body called acoustic luminescence. At a subatomic level, the mitochondria of each cell is enlivened, allowing the frequencies that make up our human form to vibrate at a higher rate. In other words, we feel good. The bowl tones entrain with the crystalline structure that exists within our own bodies. As a result, the nervous system is soothed, balanced and in harmony.

With 25 years of professional practice and performance, I have found no other singing bowl parallels the tonal purity, refined overtones and direct alignment between cellular and Universal resonance than these. I believe these are evolutionary times calling forth evolutionary means to create profound shifts at a global and personal level. Now, more than ever, we seek harmony in our lives, and Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are here to serve in this life-enriching endeavor.

Join Tryshe Dhevney at the Crystal Tones Grand Temple Tent at the Days Inn, 222 S. Freeway Rd., in Tucson, and immerse yourself in crystal sound healing. See calendar for specific dates and times. Connect with her at 520-440-7820, [email protected] or See ad, page 5.

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