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Amy Hochreiter Coaching Offers Discount During March

Amy Hochreiter

Amy Kalama Hochreiter, owner of Amy Hochreiter Coaching, is offering a discounted special of $149 for any appointment scheduled during March, regardless of the session date. Hochreiter now offers a trauma clearing process, which is a synthesis of several healing methods, designed to clear the emotional residues of trauma exposure, which many of us experience, from birth and throughout life.

“Trauma can take various forms depending on the individual circumstance and the initial response,” explains Hochreiter. “In many ways, any reaction to trauma is a healthy attempt to respond to an unhealthy or disturbing event—whether an accident, an abusive relationship, a one-time event whose effects linger in the body, a health-related incident with lasting effects, etc.”

Using the cellular cleansing process and heart light healing, Hochreiter offers a guided meditation format while working with clients’ cellular, emotional and energetic structures to facilitate a release and shift, freeing them to develop new responses and ways to be in the world. The process, by phone, SKYPE or in person, is about three hours in length.

For more information, call 520-272-4290, email [email protected] or visit

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