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Sara Yo Healing Jewelry: A New Way to Help Heal

After 25 years of experience in medical practice and research, Dr. Hannah Hershoff decided to leave her lucrative medical doctor career to create stunning healing jewelry.

A phone chat with a cousin who took a trip from China totally changed Hershoff’s life. She learned that the mystical stones from a remote area of Southeast China near her hometown have incredible spiritual healing properties. After extensive research, Hershoff discovered that the key element of the stones is a crystalline mineral, Kaolin, formed millions of years ago. During a long process using local water, wood and fire in a special kiln, the stones not only permanently formed their gorgeous colors and shine, but also gained their Five-Element natural energy. About 2,000 years ago, the Chinese Royal family exclusively owned the mines. This information excited Hershoff enormously. She further consulted with spiritual healers and decided to test the healing effects of the stones. Hershoff created her bracelets with these healing stones and gifted or sold to women with various levels of spirituality. A few weeks after wearing these eye-catching bracelets, three out of four women reported they gained confidence, improved their self-image, sensed more connections to loved ones, and experienced a reduction in anxiety.

A year later, Hershoff and her husband started a company and named their kaolin-comprised pieces Sara Yo Healing Stones. Hershoff says, “I am so glad I have made this career change decision, as each day I learn more about how Sara Yo helps women physically and emotionally. I am so fortunate to do something I am extremely passionate about.”

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