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Food Matters

Holly Baker

Spring is here, and while it’s getting more colorful outside, our food is getting more colorful as well. This is always a good season to talk more about our food and where it comes from, as farm-fresh produce is popping up on farm stands and tables everywhere.

For a local look at the food we eat and love in Tucson, check out the special Food Matters guide, beginning on page 24. You’ll read not only about the benefits of eating the most colorful vegetables, but also how to choose safe and sustainable meat options, which salts are “good salts” and how to eat to avoid inflammation.

We know that what we eat affects our health in all sorts of ways, and choosing the right diet can prevent or reverse illnesses, if we’re diligent. Diabetes, the third leading cause of death in America, most often has its roots in diet. Learn what diabetes is, what causes it and how to alleviate problems caused by diabetes with the proper nutrition, on page 32.

There is art all around us in the spring, but for some, the best place to find inspiration is on a plate of food. Meet food photographer and blogger Jackie Alpers, who also cooks—and shares a recipe with us—on page 36.

We’re always excited to share new and delicious ways to look at life in Tucson with our readers and partners, and we think you’ll enjoy the emphasis we put on good eating and living this month. I know the topic inspired me to head to the farmers’ market and strike up a conversation with my local food growers about where my food comes from and how I can continue to make healthy and informed choices.

Bon appétit!


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