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Age Gracefully with Better Posture

In some cultures, aging is associated with reverence, wisdom and being a mentor. Unfortunately, that is not the norm in our culture, where we are obsessed with youth and appearances. People often make snap judgments about our vitality, trustworthiness and health based on what they see. Part of that judgment comes from our posture, which is actually a good assessment of overall health.

Posture is the one area of appearance that really does matter; it dictates how we feel on the inside, how much energy we have and how healthy our organs function. Posture has such a big effect on the body because it is a direct result of the health of the nervous system.

Many people, including children, have poor posture. However, hunching over and “shrinking” is often associated with aging. Losing height can be common among older people, but it is by no means natural or normal. Poor posture is often the result of tension and pulling on the spinal system. The longer that tension is in place, the more forward movement of the head and torso, thus the “shrinking”

The good news is this poor posture and loss of height is reversible. Dr. Joanne Haupert, a chiropractor at Inspired Healing, in Tucson, has worked with countless clients ranging in age from 50 to 98, who report height gain. As the tension in their spine is reduced, it allows them to stand taller, effortlessly.

The health benefits of better posture can be enormous, with many conditions stabilizing and even reversing. Those who think they have poor posture should get an evaluation. Many chiropractors provide free or very low cost consultations, which can be a huge investment in our continued health.

Dr. Joanne Haupert is a chiropractor at Inspired Healing, in Tucson. Connect with her at 520-584-0343 or

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