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Healing Energy Beneath Your Feet

There is healing Earth energy right beneath our feet. Grounding, also known as “Earthing”, is the process of being in electrical harmony with the earth. Grounding is well researched and found to improve wellness in many ways, through reduction of inflammation, improved sleep and more.

Pluggz grounding shoes were inspired by a series of remarkable wellness discoveries done by many highly regarded researchers. Unlike other shoes, Pluggz connect the wearer to the earth’s natural and healthful stored energy, called electrons, when direct contact is made with the ground. This includes grass, sand, soil, unsealed tile/stones, gravel and concrete and sidewalks, and it is the next best thing to walking barefoot. Most contemporary shoes are made of synthetic soles and insulate us from this restorative energy.

While wearing Pluggz grounding footwear, when you make direct contact with the earth, the earth’s negatively-charged electrons, deficient in many of us, enter the body through a proprietarily crafted carbon and rubber conductive plug that is embedded into the sole. Insoles have heels and arches padded with memory foam for cushioning.

Many scientific research studies report that grounding reduces inflammation, which has further been documented to be the culprit behind many chronic conditions, as well as diseases. Inflammation is also known to cause pervasive discomfort and pain. Additional grounding benefits include improved sleep patterns, increased circulation, normalization of blood pressure, less stress and more energy. Improvements can be made immediately, and anyone can try grounding.

Sharon Whiteley, the CEO and founder of Pluggz Footwear, is a serial entrepreneur with an interest in gentle, natural wellness systems. Connect with her at 800-771-8314, [email protected] or See ad, page 13.

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